The Best WordPress SEO Permalink Structure

By default, WordPress gives posts a dynamic URL: “”. Not only is this an “ugly” URL, it is not search engine friendly.

The best SEO permalink structure is to have your posts appear with ‘category’ and the ‘post title’ in the URL.

This would look something like this: “”

Why is this the best SEO permalink structure compared to the other structures?
Simply put, this permalink structure allows you to have ‘more’ keywords loaded into the URL of your post. Since the category that you’ve placed your post under is usually related to the post title (which hopefully is keyword-loaded itself), you will have the extra SEO benefit if other people use that permalink structure to link your post.

How to Change the Default Permalinks to ‘Category/Post-Title’ Permalinks

In order to change the default permalink structure, you need to go to “OPTIONS -> Permalinks” in your admin panel and paste this code into the BOX after “Custom Structure:”


Wordpress SEO permalink structure

The best SEO permalink structure

Next, click the “Update Permalink Structure >>” button and you are finished.

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